Antidandruff shampoo contains climbazole, a well-known and succesfull antidandruff agent. Climbazolebelongs to imidazole compounds and is characterized by a a particularly high activity, which, according to in vivo and in vitrostudies, is found in all strains of microorganisms associated with dandruff. Climbazole, while not affecting the normal flora of the scalp, shows no accumulation occurs (like ketoconazole) and acts very fast offering results within the first two weeks of use.

D-BLOCK is safe because
1. Causes no side effects
2. Allows daily use
3.Leaves no residue
4.Does not contain heavy metals
5.It does not affect the normal flora
Additionally, in climbazole is combined with panthenole, herbal extracts and a group of excipients, creating a highly effective product against pruritus, dryness, irritation and dandruff.